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Landvetter Parkering

Parking made easy and stress free. We park your car in a safe place and collect it before you arrive home!

Secure long-term parking at Landvetter Airport. You can always feel safe when you leave the car in our hands, we have more than 1000+ customers a year. Simply drop your car with us and we will do the rest!

  • Staffing around the clock
  • 5 minutes away from the airport
  • Open 24/7
  • Guaranteed spot
  • Camera surveillance

Please state the exact flight number and land time as per your flight tickets (errors can cause delays when collecting your car).


+ transfer 240:-

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Transfer to and from the airport is included in the price for your parking.


Charging Electric car

250 SEK

De frosting (Car inside last day)

250 SEK

Standard wash

Cold degreasing, external hand washing with shampoo, window cleaning, rim washing and drying.

300 SEK

Premium wash

Standard + Fly rust, asphalt removal, washing of and between door edges.

550 SEK

Gold wash

Standard + Premium + Quick Wax

650 SEK

Standard wash + interior hand wash

Cold degreasing, exterior hand wash with shampoo, window cleaning, rim wash and drying + interior hand wash

450 SEK

Premium wash + interior hand wash

Standard + Fly rust, asphalt removal, washing of and between door edges + interior hand wash

700 SEK

Gold wash + interior hand wash

Standard + Premium + Quick wax + inside hand wash

800 SEK

Inside hand wash

Interior cleaning, Vacuuming, Window cleaning, Cleaning of and between door edges, Carpet cleaning, Dashboard cleaning, Wiping

350 SEK

Base reconditioning

Asphalt removal, Fly rust, Cleaning of and between door edges, Wheel wash, Hand wash with shampoo, Cold degreasing, Interior hand wash, Polishing, Machine wash, Engine wash

2200 SEK

Complete reconditioning

Asphalt removal, Fly rust, Cleaning of and between door edges, Wheel wash, Hand wash with shampoo, Cold degreasing, Interior hand wash, Polishing, Machine wash, Engine wash, Dry cleaning seats

3100 SEK

Change to winter wheels

350 SEK

Overnight stay

Book parking

All of our parking is outdoors. We also offer additional services such as, defrosting, washing, waxing and car charging. We will make sure your car is ready for you when you come home and take good care of your car while you're away.



We have more then 1000+ parking spaces across 3 airport locations

Mini bus transfers on demand

To and from the airport


Secure parking (CCTV + 24 hour staffing)
Secured payment

Fast booking

You can pay on arrival or online using your credit card. We also have a promotions and vouchers so subscribe to our newsletter. We have to mention that vouchers and discounts do not apply if you are paying on arrival.

Pay with credit card

Pay with VISA or Master card.

Pay with Swish (Control check will be made on Check in)

Make secured payments over Swish. You will see our Swish number after successful booking.

Pay on arrival

You can pay on arrival, but to be sure, book your parking space now.

Landvetter Parkering

Why us?

We take good care about our customers, we will come to the airport to pick up up, and drive you back if you are looking for a place to get a few hours of sleep. If you are looking for a place to park your car until you are on your journey, we are offering some extra services and we will take good care of your car while you're away.

Find us • Landvetter Parkering Härryda

Map and directions

It’s easy to find Landvetter Parkering Service!

  • Directions from Route 40.
  • Take the Airport junction.
  • Drive towards Härryda.
  • After 700m, we are on the right side.
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Why should I choose Landvetter Parkering?

Do you leave for your flight thinking about where to leave the car? Are you worried about whether your vehicle will be safe and in the same place where you left it? Having recognized that many people are preoccupied with such thoughts, we opened Landvetter Parkering, a place which will put your worries to rest and allow you to travel with complete peace of mind. Everyone knows how tiring it can be to ask your friends or relatives to drop you off when you depart or pick you up when you return.

No matter how much you pay, and how much gratitude you show, you are still left with the feeling that you owe them. To rely on drivers means to risk conflicting plans. By using the Landvetter Parkering parking services, you will remain free to plan departure time yourself. An additional risk when relying on other drivers, regardless of whether they are the first or second option, is that you can never be certain their vehicle is in good working order, whereas you are mostly familiar with the performance and potential defects of your personal vehicle.

What do we offer?

First off, the working hours of our parking services are 24 hours, 7 days a week. This allows you to not limit yourself to early arrivals, but to get on with your plans when it suits you best. The next item on the list is the safety of your car. To ensure the highest possible levels of safety, the entire area of Landvetter Parkering parking is fenced with an opaque fence and thus completely protected against potential unwanted attention. In order to increase the safety of your vehicle, we have taken additional precautions. Our parking is guarded by professional security cameras. It is well lit and equipped with a video surveillance system 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Landvetter Parkering is only two minutes away from the airport, which is very important considering the time-consuming procedures regarding the flight, well known to anyone who frequently uses airline services. This parking lot, located close to Landvetter, will allow you to spare yourself the trouble of worrying about the car parking and transportation to the airport. Landvetter Parkering offers secured long-term parking to all of its clients.

Frequently asked questions

Arrive at our parking lot and find a place to the right hand side. Take out your bags and come to the office to check in. Everything will be explained when you arrive but we will check in your car, you leave your car key and we’ll drive you to the airport (approx 5 minutes).

We will park your car in a safe place while you are away.

On return pick up “any checked-in” bags first then call our bus line and we will pick you up and drive back to pick up your car.



For parking pick up and drop off as well as hotel check in and out we are open 24/7

Our customer service lines are open Monday to Friday 07:00 to 20:00 and 07:00 to 16 Saturdays. 

 ** Our service outside of these times will be limited

You can book anytime. However the more notice we get, the smoother we can make your experience!

The easiest and quickest way to book is via our website www.landvetterparkering.eu

You can also use our booking partners Parkos, ryanair and WizzAir if you wish.

If you’re unsure customer services will take your booking via telephone.

** this is not always possible during peak periods

You have the right to change the booking. Additional costs may be applied if parking time is extended or other services are added. If you have made your booking via Parkos, Ryanair or WizzAir you must contact them for any amendments.

In the event that you cancel your parking reservation more than 24 hours before the appointed time, the entire parking fee will be refunded. If you have booked via Parkos, Ryanair or WizzAir you will need to contact them directly for cancellations and refunds

In order for the system to reserve a space, you must enter the times for both departure and arrival. It is preferred to arrive at the car park up to 2 hours prior to the time you entered in your booking form. You do not need to pay extra or change your booking information if you stay within this timeframe.

You can pay with American Express, Mastercard, Diners and Visa. You can pay online or pay on arrival in the office.

The booking confirmation will be sent to the provided e-mail address after the booking process has been completed. Additionally, the website will notify you about the details of your booking.

Landvetter parking is responsible for any damage caused by us. We are not responsible for any damage caused by other customers.

Our staff will note your complaint while you are here but you must make your complaint in writing via e-mail to info@landvetterparkering.eu

Any damage must be reported to us before you leave as we can take no responsibility for reported damage after you have left us.

All complaints are to be emailed to us at info@landvetterparkering.eu.

All complaints will be dealt with and responded to via this method also.

Please note that no telephone complaints via customer service can be dealt with.


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