Sweden is a beautiful country, so it’s no shocker that a lot of people would like to visit it someday. To help you plan out your next vacation to this beautiful place, we have put together an article containing some of the most visited places by tourist, places you simply cannot miss when visiting Sweden. Let’s get started, shall we?


The royal castle:

The royal castle. Located in the centre of Stockholm, between the old town and the newer parts, this castle holds some amazing history. While it might not be as old as some other castles out there, and certainly not as beautiful to look at, this castle still has its own history, and when coming to Sweden, you simply cannot miss it.


Gamla Stan:

Gamla Stan, or the old town as it’s called in English is the oldest part of Stockholm and also holds some of its amazing history. This place dates back to the medieval times with several buildings still standing to this day. Enjoy a day in the sun while exploring all the little alleyways and streets that make this place so special. Here you will also find multiple shops offering souvenirs to tourists further proving that this is a place all the tourists should visit.



When most people hear of Skansen they believe that it is some sort of zoo. That is partially correct. There are a lot of animals here, like bears and seals. But there is also so much more to Skansen then that. Skansen is more of a museum, a place presenting the history of Sweden. Here you will find many old buildings and shops. In one part, they have built up a little town, showing how it looked in Sweden about 300 years ago. It’s an amazing place to visit, and if you are travelling to Stockholm, there is no way you can miss it.



This place is for all of you who are not travelling to Stockholm, but to the second largest town of Sweden, Gothenburg. Liseberg rests almost in the centre of Gothenburg, and is a huge amusement park. Here you will find multiple attractions that are completely unique to Sweden, like Valkyria and Helix. If you are bringing along kids to your vacation, this place is a must visit. That is not to say adults won’t enjoy it as well.



Now, this is a bit broader of a place. You will be able to find amazing nature all over Sweden and here they have something called Allemansrätten. What that means is that everyone has a right to visit nature and do things in it, even if you do not own the land. That is something that a lot of foreigners find pretty cool, but all the Swedes are used to it by now.


This has been our guide for what you must do when coming to Sweden. We hope that you enjoyed it, and that it inspired you to start thinking about your next trip to this amazing country called Sweden.

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